How to Conserve Energy in Your House

Electricity is a precious natural resource and it’s important not to use it wastefully. Not only is energy conservation beneficial for the environment, it will also save you money on costly utility bills. There are many simple ways to conserve energy in your house, no matter the time of year. Here are just a few of the ways that you can cut back on energy consumption in your home.

Turn off The Lights

Lamps and light fixtures take a lot of electric energy to run properly. Turn off your lights when they’re not needed to save electricity. Rather than relying on electric lights during the day, for example, open your curtains and let natural sunlight illuminate your home. Make sure to turn off lights when leaving a room or leaving the house for long periods of time. These are small steps but they can dramatically decrease your energy usage, which is good news for the environment and your wallet.  

Turn Down the Heat

There are less expensive and wasteful ways to keep your home warm in the winter than cranking your furnace to the highest heat. Try lighting a fire in your fireplace or hearth as an alternative to turning up the thermostat. An indoor fire is a great way to heat your home, save energy and money, and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Smartwood bricks are the ideal fuel for anyone looking to heat their home using a fireplace or hearth. Smartwood bricks are lightweight, long-lasting, are easy to store and light, and produce less ash and smoke than regular wood. With all these attributes, Smartwood bricks give you all the benefits of a building a fire without any of the drawbacks. Saving money and energy this winter by using Smartwood in your fireplace or hearth. For more information about Smartwood or to order bricks for your fireplace of hearth, contact us at Smartwood and start heating your home the convenient and natural way.


Enjoy a Family Evening around the Fire with Smartwood

Building a fire is a great activity to do with your kids. With summer just around the corner, there are plenty of opportunities for marshmallows and ghost stories around a roaring fire while camping in the great outdoors, or even in your own backyard.

Building a fire is a great skill for children to learn, but the danger associated with it stops many parents from passing down that knowledge. There is always some risk when building a fire, but here are some of the ways that Smartwood makes it easier for you to safely teach your child this all-important skill.

No Excessive Kindling

Smartwood has the power to burn without all the small paper and wood kindling. With Smartwood, you won’t have to worry about your child sticking their nose into the fire pit to see why the kindling won’t catch. Smartwood lights quickly and easily, so your child won’t run into any accidents while trying to get the fire started.

Less Cumbersome

Compressed Smartwood bricks are easier to carry than regular firewood. Large, awkward pieces of wood can be difficult for children to carry and place into a roaring fire safely. On camping trips, your kids won’t have to venture out into the woods alone to search kindling or haul pieces of firewood if you’re stocked with Smartwood.  By eliminating the dangers and difficulties of dealing with large pieces of firewood, Smartwood allows your children to have a safer and more hands-on fire building experience.

Fire building is a rewarding family activity. Your kids get to interact with nature and learn valuable wilderness skills that will help them for the rest of their lives. Now you can enjoy this special pastime in complete safety with Smartwood, the unique compression dry wood bricks.

Outdoor Fire Safety Tips from Smartwood

There are few things more enjoyable in life than starting a fire, gathering around with friends, and having a great time telling stories and enjoying each other’s company. People have been using fire since the beginning of time for protection, warmth, and cooking, but we have also always known its destructive power.

If you plan on having a fire with friends, then you need to know these outdoor fire safety tips:

Never leave the fire unattended

The beauty in a fire comes from the flickering flames, the crackling sounds, and sheer power stored within it, but the unpredictability of its flames is also the most dangerous thing about them. You never know which direction they’ll go off in, where some sparks might shoot out, or what might catch fire. Leaving a fire unattended, even for a short time, is extremely dangerous. The first thing taught about fire safety is always to keep an eye on it.

Always clear the surrounding area

Fire is capable of both great and terrible things simultaneously. When building a fire pit, be sure to clear the immediate area of everything, including your own bodies! Don’t sit too close, don’t leave jackets or gear around it, and make sure excess debris is cleared away. You don’t want anything to catch fire by accident.

 Extinguish it until the hissing sound stops

When extinguishing your fire, pour lots of water on it until all of the embers have been drowned out. Continue pouring water until the hissing sound stops. This will ensure that the fire has no chance of starting back up once you have left.

Starting a campfire with Smartwood bricks is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors, but you must remember to always be safe. These fire safety tips will help you and your family stay out of danger. If you are looking for the safest, most eco-friendly fire products on the market, Smartwood has just what you are looking for.

The Best Campfire Snacks to Cook over SmartWood Bricks


Nothing is better than sitting around a warm campfire with friends and family, having a great time, and enjoying some delicious food cooked over the open flame. SmartWood bricks are all-natural, chemical free, and made with no waxes, so we highly recommend using our safe and natural products to cook food around the fire. Here are the best campfire snacks to enjoy cooked over SmartWood bricks.




By the far the most delicious of all treats, S’mores are a mix of chewy, chocolatey, graham cracker goodness that no one can resist. A staple of campfires around the world since their invention in America during the 20th century, you can whip these up really quickly over a fire in your backyard. Just get some marshmallows, some chocolate, a box of graham crackers and make yourself a sandwich!


Pigs in a blanket


One of the most common finger foods at parties across the world, these bite-sized snacks are great over the campfire. Although many refer to them as campfire crescent dogs, the important thing to remember is that they are delicious. It’s essentially a hot dog or sausage wrapped in a croissant, stuck on the end of a stick and cooked over the fire.


Shish kebabs


One of the quickest, easiest, and most nutritious meals you can cook over a campfire is a shish kebab. These Turkish cuisine masterpieces are flexible, delicious and simple to whip up. Get yourself a skewer, some veggies and meat of your choice, and voila! Stick it over the fire or place it on a grill. You’ll have a delicious meal in no time.


Cooking with SmartWood Bricks is 100% safe. Not only are they all-natural, but they are not made with any harmful chemicals or waxes. For families that like enjoying the outdoors, these are the best campfire snacks. Toss a couple of SmartWood Bricks in, light up the fire, and enjoy!

The Benefits of Smartwood Over the Alternatives

Having a fireplace in your home or outdoors is something that people have been doing for thousands of years. The heat, the smell, and the ambiance that they create, not to mention the awesome look it gives your kitchen or living room are undeniable, but sometimes heating them can be a pain. Storing wood, purchasing expensive alternatives, or dealing with pesky bugs that get on them almost makes it not worth it.

That’s where our Smartwood bricks come in. They are better than the real thing. Here are just  few of the benefits of smartwood over the alternatives.

100% hardwood composition

Unlike other alternative fuels that may use chemical binding or other harmful byproducts, Smartwood is 100% hardwood. This means you don’t breathe in any harmful chemicals, and you don’t have to clean up any nasty leftovers. Our products are all natural and environmentally-friendly to produce, burn, and breathe.

Extended burning times

Most natural and artificial alternatives have short burning times, but since our wood is packed together, it burns much more slowly. The extended burning times not only give you more bang for your buck, but also are more convenient for you.

Smartwood has double the density as natural wood, so you won’t have to continually stoke the fire or change the log like the campfires that you’re used to.

Good for all environments

Since they produce less smoke and don’t present certain hazards that natural materials do, Smartwood is good for any environment or situation. Less smoke means no issues with the neighbors if you want to have a backyard fire at home, and the fact that the fire is so controlled means you won’t have the possibility of starting a big fire if you are out in the wild.

Lights up in a flash!

No more struggling to get the fire lit, no more using half a can of lighter fluid, and certainly no more rubbing two stones together to get a spark. Since the wood is so dense and there is very little moisture trapped inside, Smartwood lights up quickly and conveniently.

If you are the kind of person that loves having a toasty fire indoors or a fun outdoor campfire, then you need to consider Smartwood. Not only is it more cost-effective, longer-lasting, and much safer than natural products, it is also incredibly convenient. If you want something that lights up quick, produces little smoke, and leaves little ash, then there is no better option than Smartwood from Smartwood Fuel.

SmartWood: The Environmentally Friendly Path

At SmartWood, we care about the environment. Our business is helping Canada and the USA get warm – the green way. It’s hard to find an environmentally friendly heating solution. From gas to coal to wood to electricity, each heating method that is used has its own environmental footprint and problems. Everyone has to keep warm, but we also have to keep our environment healthy and our lifestyle sustainable.

At SmartWood, we take pride in the fact that our compressed wood bricks are among the most environmentally friendly and socially sustainable solutions. Let’s see why!

Our Bricks are CO2 Neutral

·         Why? Well, because when the bricks are burnt, they emit less CO2 than the trees they were made from extracted during their life time. That’s better than gas and coal!

Less Waste

·         Our bricks produce very little ash compared to cordwood, causing less waste (this is also great for you when you have to clean the fireplace).

·         Our bricks also send 52% less particulate matter up in to the atmosphere (you’ll notice how much less smoke you see when you burn bricks instead of cordwood).

More Efficient

·         Our bricks will burn far more slowly than cordwood, reducing the amount that you consume. 


·         Our bricks are made out of compressed sawdust or scraps of wood, meaning that the wood used was already cut down. We do not cut trees down just to make our product: we use what is already there.  

Clean Materials

·         At SmartWood, you only get wood. We don’t bind our wood with glue, wax, or binders, meaning that when the wood burns, no chemicals are released into the atmosphere.     

Join us in using SmartWood today! It’s the ecofriendly Canadian solution to heating. It’s still winter, and we know that Canadian winters can be brutal, so call us today and keep toasty!        

Hearth Safety: Burning the Responsible Way

Everybody loves the aroma of a real wood fire place, the glow of warm flames on a cold night. A wood fireplace is sure to bring curious eyes and hands around, as the hearth is a gathering place as old as – well, as old as we can remember.

Fire was a real life changer for our ancestors. Unfortunately, fire isn’t as big of a part of our lives any more, but we still use it on occasion in fireplaces and backyard grills. Even though we still use them, not many people know how to properly use the fireplaces in their homes. At SmartWood, we’ve taken the time to put together some handy tips to keep you safe as you enjoy your fireplace.

1)      Get your chimney cleaned once a year (by a professional chimney sweep).

2)      Burn cleaner fuels (Smart Wood is ideal, as it creates minimal smoke and is chemical free) 

3)      Keep your fireplace clean (sweep out before every fire).

4)      Only burn wood and paper – don’t add other materials, such as plastics or gasoline.

5)      Don’t build your fire too big, and keep it at the back of the fireplace.

6)      If you are using an older fireplace, be sure to get it inspected to make sure that it is up to code.

7)      Keep a clear space of at least one meter around the fireplace.

8)      Ensure that you have good ventilation in the room where the fireplace is installed (smoke can be hazardous).

9)      Always keep an eye on children and animals around the fire.

10)   Never leave the fire unattended.

11)   Keep a working fire extinguisher near the fireplace.

12)   Check your smoke detectors regularly.

13)   Listen for signs of disturbance in your chimney – animals such as squirrels can get in and cause harm to your chimney and roof.   

By following these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your home fireplace in the safest way possible.

How Are Compressed Wood Bricks Made?

Compressed wood bricks, like Smartwood bricks, are an eco-friendly way to fuel your living room fire, your backyard firepit, or your campfire.  They are marvellous inventions, burning cleaner and more efficiently than unprocessed wood, generating less smoke, ash, and residue for you to have to clean up later.  They use no chemicals or glues to keep themselves together, which leads the question: how are Smartwood Bricks made? 

The answer: compression.

Like a piece of carbon becomes a diamond over millions of years of pressure from the ground around it, a Smartbrick binds itself together under a large amount of pressure.  Dried hardwood chips, wood shavings and wood pieces are passed through a special kind of hammer mill that makes a homogenous mass.  Then it is pushed through a brick-shaped hole like a pasta maker before it is finally placed inside a press that is a beautiful and modern piece of German engineering. 

The press makes one briquette every 7 seconds and utilizes extreme pressure concentrated on each individual briquette.   The extreme pressure releases lignums in the wood, which make a kind of natural plastic that binds it together.  The final product is a piece of hardwood almost 2x the density of most natural growing hardwoods.

The extreme pressure used in this process greatly increases the temperature of the wood, which causes the complex polymer plant cell in the wood to heat up, and then bind the brick together as solidly as possible as it cools.

Smartwood bricks are the best alternative to raw wood because of the complex and intelligent science behind them.  They save wear and tear on the environment, use no harsh or dangerous chemicals, and are the perfect fuel for your living room fireplace on a cold winter’s day.

Reasons to Use Alternatives to Firewood

The earth has a limited amount of forested land left.  Often times, forests cannot grow back to the health and height that they had before, even at the rate that new trees are planted after them.   In this technologically advanced age, there is no reason we can’t have fuel for our fireplaces and be kind to the environment as well.  Here are some reasons why firewood alternatives like Smartwood are the best option for your indoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit.

Less Smoke

Less smoke released from your fire means less eye irritation, a diminished smell in the air, and less impact on your local air quality.  Firewood alternatives like Smartwood are packed together tightly with virtually no water, moisture or excess materials trapped inside.  This makes for a hot, clean, and easy to light fire with less air pollution around it.  This also means bystanders or neighbours will not be irritated by any excess smoke - because there will not be any.

Less Ash

Ash buildup in a fireplace can be a real mess to clean up.  At even the slightest gust of air, ashes can be sent flying to make an even larger mess for you to clean up.  Smartwood bricks are made of materials that are all equally combustible and which burn as efficiently as possible, leaving behind less than half the ash in your fire pit or fire place that you would normally find there after using regular firewood.

Longer Sustained Burning

Smartwood bricks are made and packed so tightly that they are literally twice as dense as firewood.  This means you can have a fire that will burn half again longer than a firewood fire while using up even less space and materials in your fireplace

Be conscious of the world you live in and be kind to the forests.  Allow yourself the joy of an open fire without compromising the environment around you with Smartwood bricks – the safe and efficient alternative to firewood.