Reasons to Use Alternatives to Firewood

The earth has a limited amount of forested land left.  Often times, forests cannot grow back to the health and height that they had before, even at the rate that new trees are planted after them.   In this technologically advanced age, there is no reason we can’t have fuel for our fireplaces and be kind to the environment as well.  Here are some reasons why firewood alternatives like Smartwood are the best option for your indoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit.

Less Smoke

Less smoke released from your fire means less eye irritation, a diminished smell in the air, and less impact on your local air quality.  Firewood alternatives like Smartwood are packed together tightly with virtually no water, moisture or excess materials trapped inside.  This makes for a hot, clean, and easy to light fire with less air pollution around it.  This also means bystanders or neighbours will not be irritated by any excess smoke - because there will not be any.

Less Ash

Ash buildup in a fireplace can be a real mess to clean up.  At even the slightest gust of air, ashes can be sent flying to make an even larger mess for you to clean up.  Smartwood bricks are made of materials that are all equally combustible and which burn as efficiently as possible, leaving behind less than half the ash in your fire pit or fire place that you would normally find there after using regular firewood.

Longer Sustained Burning

Smartwood bricks are made and packed so tightly that they are literally twice as dense as firewood.  This means you can have a fire that will burn half again longer than a firewood fire while using up even less space and materials in your fireplace

Be conscious of the world you live in and be kind to the forests.  Allow yourself the joy of an open fire without compromising the environment around you with Smartwood bricks – the safe and efficient alternative to firewood.