SmartWood: The Environmentally Friendly Path

At SmartWood, we care about the environment. Our business is helping Canada and the USA get warm – the green way. It’s hard to find an environmentally friendly heating solution. From gas to coal to wood to electricity, each heating method that is used has its own environmental footprint and problems. Everyone has to keep warm, but we also have to keep our environment healthy and our lifestyle sustainable.

At SmartWood, we take pride in the fact that our compressed wood bricks are among the most environmentally friendly and socially sustainable solutions. Let’s see why!

Our Bricks are CO2 Neutral

·         Why? Well, because when the bricks are burnt, they emit less CO2 than the trees they were made from extracted during their life time. That’s better than gas and coal!

Less Waste

·         Our bricks produce very little ash compared to cordwood, causing less waste (this is also great for you when you have to clean the fireplace).

·         Our bricks also send 52% less particulate matter up in to the atmosphere (you’ll notice how much less smoke you see when you burn bricks instead of cordwood).

More Efficient

·         Our bricks will burn far more slowly than cordwood, reducing the amount that you consume. 


·         Our bricks are made out of compressed sawdust or scraps of wood, meaning that the wood used was already cut down. We do not cut trees down just to make our product: we use what is already there.  

Clean Materials

·         At SmartWood, you only get wood. We don’t bind our wood with glue, wax, or binders, meaning that when the wood burns, no chemicals are released into the atmosphere.     

Join us in using SmartWood today! It’s the ecofriendly Canadian solution to heating. It’s still winter, and we know that Canadian winters can be brutal, so call us today and keep toasty!