Hearth Safety: Burning the Responsible Way

Everybody loves the aroma of a real wood fire place, the glow of warm flames on a cold night. A wood fireplace is sure to bring curious eyes and hands around, as the hearth is a gathering place as old as – well, as old as we can remember.

Fire was a real life changer for our ancestors. Unfortunately, fire isn’t as big of a part of our lives any more, but we still use it on occasion in fireplaces and backyard grills. Even though we still use them, not many people know how to properly use the fireplaces in their homes. At SmartWood, we’ve taken the time to put together some handy tips to keep you safe as you enjoy your fireplace.

1)      Get your chimney cleaned once a year (by a professional chimney sweep).

2)      Burn cleaner fuels (Smart Wood is ideal, as it creates minimal smoke and is chemical free) 

3)      Keep your fireplace clean (sweep out before every fire).

4)      Only burn wood and paper – don’t add other materials, such as plastics or gasoline.

5)      Don’t build your fire too big, and keep it at the back of the fireplace.

6)      If you are using an older fireplace, be sure to get it inspected to make sure that it is up to code.

7)      Keep a clear space of at least one meter around the fireplace.

8)      Ensure that you have good ventilation in the room where the fireplace is installed (smoke can be hazardous).

9)      Always keep an eye on children and animals around the fire.

10)   Never leave the fire unattended.

11)   Keep a working fire extinguisher near the fireplace.

12)   Check your smoke detectors regularly.

13)   Listen for signs of disturbance in your chimney – animals such as squirrels can get in and cause harm to your chimney and roof.   

By following these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your home fireplace in the safest way possible.