The Benefits of Smartwood Over the Alternatives

Having a fireplace in your home or outdoors is something that people have been doing for thousands of years. The heat, the smell, and the ambiance that they create, not to mention the awesome look it gives your kitchen or living room are undeniable, but sometimes heating them can be a pain. Storing wood, purchasing expensive alternatives, or dealing with pesky bugs that get on them almost makes it not worth it.

That’s where our Smartwood bricks come in. They are better than the real thing. Here are just  few of the benefits of smartwood over the alternatives.

100% hardwood composition

Unlike other alternative fuels that may use chemical binding or other harmful byproducts, Smartwood is 100% hardwood. This means you don’t breathe in any harmful chemicals, and you don’t have to clean up any nasty leftovers. Our products are all natural and environmentally-friendly to produce, burn, and breathe.

Extended burning times

Most natural and artificial alternatives have short burning times, but since our wood is packed together, it burns much more slowly. The extended burning times not only give you more bang for your buck, but also are more convenient for you.

Smartwood has double the density as natural wood, so you won’t have to continually stoke the fire or change the log like the campfires that you’re used to.

Good for all environments

Since they produce less smoke and don’t present certain hazards that natural materials do, Smartwood is good for any environment or situation. Less smoke means no issues with the neighbors if you want to have a backyard fire at home, and the fact that the fire is so controlled means you won’t have the possibility of starting a big fire if you are out in the wild.

Lights up in a flash!

No more struggling to get the fire lit, no more using half a can of lighter fluid, and certainly no more rubbing two stones together to get a spark. Since the wood is so dense and there is very little moisture trapped inside, Smartwood lights up quickly and conveniently.

If you are the kind of person that loves having a toasty fire indoors or a fun outdoor campfire, then you need to consider Smartwood. Not only is it more cost-effective, longer-lasting, and much safer than natural products, it is also incredibly convenient. If you want something that lights up quick, produces little smoke, and leaves little ash, then there is no better option than Smartwood from Smartwood Fuel.