Enjoy a Family Evening around the Fire with Smartwood

Building a fire is a great activity to do with your kids. With summer just around the corner, there are plenty of opportunities for marshmallows and ghost stories around a roaring fire while camping in the great outdoors, or even in your own backyard.

Building a fire is a great skill for children to learn, but the danger associated with it stops many parents from passing down that knowledge. There is always some risk when building a fire, but here are some of the ways that Smartwood makes it easier for you to safely teach your child this all-important skill.

No Excessive Kindling

Smartwood has the power to burn without all the small paper and wood kindling. With Smartwood, you won’t have to worry about your child sticking their nose into the fire pit to see why the kindling won’t catch. Smartwood lights quickly and easily, so your child won’t run into any accidents while trying to get the fire started.

Less Cumbersome

Compressed Smartwood bricks are easier to carry than regular firewood. Large, awkward pieces of wood can be difficult for children to carry and place into a roaring fire safely. On camping trips, your kids won’t have to venture out into the woods alone to search kindling or haul pieces of firewood if you’re stocked with Smartwood.  By eliminating the dangers and difficulties of dealing with large pieces of firewood, Smartwood allows your children to have a safer and more hands-on fire building experience.

Fire building is a rewarding family activity. Your kids get to interact with nature and learn valuable wilderness skills that will help them for the rest of their lives. Now you can enjoy this special pastime in complete safety with Smartwood, the unique compression dry wood bricks.