How to Conserve Energy in Your House

Electricity is a precious natural resource and it’s important not to use it wastefully. Not only is energy conservation beneficial for the environment, it will also save you money on costly utility bills. There are many simple ways to conserve energy in your house, no matter the time of year. Here are just a few of the ways that you can cut back on energy consumption in your home.

Turn off The Lights

Lamps and light fixtures take a lot of electric energy to run properly. Turn off your lights when they’re not needed to save electricity. Rather than relying on electric lights during the day, for example, open your curtains and let natural sunlight illuminate your home. Make sure to turn off lights when leaving a room or leaving the house for long periods of time. These are small steps but they can dramatically decrease your energy usage, which is good news for the environment and your wallet.  

Turn Down the Heat

There are less expensive and wasteful ways to keep your home warm in the winter than cranking your furnace to the highest heat. Try lighting a fire in your fireplace or hearth as an alternative to turning up the thermostat. An indoor fire is a great way to heat your home, save energy and money, and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Smartwood bricks are the ideal fuel for anyone looking to heat their home using a fireplace or hearth. Smartwood bricks are lightweight, long-lasting, are easy to store and light, and produce less ash and smoke than regular wood. With all these attributes, Smartwood bricks give you all the benefits of a building a fire without any of the drawbacks. Saving money and energy this winter by using Smartwood in your fireplace or hearth. For more information about Smartwood or to order bricks for your fireplace of hearth, contact us at Smartwood and start heating your home the convenient and natural way.