Q: How much do they cost?

A: This depends on your location and freight from the closest production point.  New production is coming on stream across USA and Canada.  Please inquire via our contact page.  We try to keep the cost as low as possible via our trusted Retail partners.  We also sell direct to customer in bulk.  1 pallet of SmartBricks = 1 Bush or FULL cord of firewood!  Inquire about a full pallet either delivered to your home!

Q: I have a backyard firebowl with a grate.  Our family likes to cook marshmallows and other types of food over open flame.  Are these Smartbricks safe to cook over?

A: Absolutely.  These bricks are ALL NATURAL - with NO Waxes, NO Binders, NO Chemicals, only 100% Dry Hardwood Material.  

Q: If there are no chemicals, then what holds them together?!

A: The press used to make these briquettes is truly a modern piece of german engineering.  This press makes one briquette every 7 seconds and utilizes extreme pressure concentrated on each individual briquette.   

The extreme pressure releases lignums in the wood, binding it together!  The result is a piece of hardwood almost 2x the density of most natural growing hardwoods!

Q: You say they are efficient...  What makes them more efficient than any other type of wood product?

A: TWO FACTORS make them more efficient:

1)  Smartbricks are low in moisture - your fire burns hot due to the fact no energy goes towards burning off water

2)  they are compressed and release their energy gradually with no stirring necessary.  This produces even heat output with no consecutive spikes in energy.